O'Donnell Strategic Industrial REIT intends to utilize a strategy that is currently employed by some of the nation's largest retailers, distributors and loistics providers - invest in key U.S. industrial markets that are expected to grow due to population growth, transportation infrastructure, and their unique logistics characteristics and advantages.


Gateway Markets

Focus the majority of our acquisitions on high quality properties in and around strategic "Gateway" markets that act as critical hubs for the distribution of goods throughout the United States and the world.

In-fill Locations

Target in-fill locations with little available land for developement and significant barriers to entry that help prevent the development of competitive

Triple Net Leases

Endeavor to employ triple-net leases that pass responsibility and expense risk of taxes,
insurance and common area maintenance to
the tenant.

Long Term Leases

Seek to establish long-term leases with
predetermined rental rate increases, which we believe will help ensure consistent, predictable income over time.

Credit-Grade Tenants

Strive to lease properties to creditworthy tenants, which we believe will help provide greater
certainty of lease payments and more stabilized occupancy over time.

Green Buildings

Make every effort to acquire (or cost-effectively retrofit) properties that meet LEED Green Building certification criteria to potentially enhance
occupancy, income and overall return on

The Company has no operating history or established financing sources. As a result, an investment in the Company is speculative. In addition, the offeree will not be acquiring an interest in the Company's advisor.

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