Investment Overview

  • A non-traded, publicly registered real estate investment trust (REIT).

  • O'Donnell Strategic Industrial REIT intends to invest in a diversified portfolio of income-producing, LEED-certified industrial properties comprised primarily of general purpose warehouse and bulk distribution properties located in key gateway markets that are net-leased to creditworthy tenants.


  • To pay stable and attractive cash distributions to our stockholders

  • Preserve, protect and return our stockholders' invested capital

  • Realize appreciation in the value of our investments over the long term


Size: $2.0 million up to $1.0 billion
Current Offering Price: $10.00 per share
Minimum Investment: $2,000 ($2,500 for Tennessee and New York investors)
Investor Suitability: Investors must have either (a) a net worth of $250,000 or (b) an annual gross income of $70,000 and a minimum net worth of at least $70,000††
Distribution Reinvestment
Plan (DRIP): $9.50 per share

Share Purchase Program†††

Share Purchase Anniversary   Redemption Price
Less than 1 year   No Redemption
1 year 92.5% of purchase price
2 years 95% of purchase price
3 years 97.5% of purchase price
4 years 100% of purchase price

Upon request, O'Donnell Strategic Industrial REIT may waive the one-year holding period requirement for repurchases sought upon a stockholder's death, disability, bankruptcy or other exigent circumstances as determined by our advisor.

† There is no guarantee that O'Donnell Strategic Industrial REIT will pay distributions or achieve its stated objectives.
†† The following states have additional suitability standards: AL, IA, KS, KY, ME, ND, NE, OR, PA and TN. Please consult O'Donnell Strategic Industrial REIT's prospectus for additional information regarding your state's suitability standards.
††† During any calendar year, O'Donnell Strategic Industrial REIT will not repurchase in excess of 5.0% of number of shares of common stock outstanding on December 31st of the previous calendar year. In addition, O'Donnell Strategic Industrial REIT is only authorized to repurchase shares using the proceeds received from O'Donnell Strategic Industrial REIT's distribution reinvestment plan during the prior calendar year. The Board of Directors of O'Donnell Strategic Industrial REIT, in its sole discretion, may amend, suspend, or terminate the share repurchase program upon 30 days prior notice. See prospectus for additional details.

The Company has no operating history or established financing sources. As a result, an investment in the Company is speculative. In addition, the offeree will not be acquiring an interest in the Company's advisor.

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